Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4 AM

Awoke alone on a bed of wavering words, the city lights blinked in the distance from her window while passing sirens spoke of the alarm just outside. They sent words using cell phones as a conduit to reach her, not tribal rhythms that evoked her spirit into dance. She wondered which of them had the courage to love her beyond the quest of touch and did their minds lurk of enough imagination to her anew.  "Love me".... " I want you" .... "Have a good night"..... She could appreciate the lyrical vulnerability that was offered but without action it sounded like the distant clanking of a wavering flag. It doesn't go unacknowledged but who concentrates on it for long. She was complicated and head strong. Old women would warn such disposition would leave her like them, old women remembering spent moments that were not as infinite as their life spans. She was not any different in her longing but her love was KING.