Saturday, August 18, 2007

Love Us Back

Lately I have been elated with the internal beauty of brothers and their chosen vehicles of expression like Arizona, Mos Def, W. Henry, Saul Williams, Sunny, James Baldwin, Daishu Ikeda, Marcus Ian, Zubair Iben, Torrence Anthony.. Thinking of them... their words... their actions have become my happy thoughts. In my appreciation of their existence and what they contribute to life, I offer these words of sentiment.

I question the sincerity of all life that emerges from the corridors of women named to become who in regards to what purpose showing how much respect giving when needed at all times to be conscious, complete, whole, divine and undefeated in the accomplishment of life. I wanted to tell the story of earth as woman. I wanted to travel the streets of the mind’s of men to witness where the fire burns and cool waters flow. I wanted to relay how beauty appeared within the eyes of man and translate the vision in understanding. I want someone to explain how and why some men kill, rape and destroy in a language and insight I have yet to discover. I tried to imagine the first woman here on earth and then just the 39 women responsible for my existence. With untold knowing we all have loved, prayed, cried, pleaded, nurtured, held too tight and let go of you … man. Our fathers, brothers, sons, husbands, and friends to leave you running away, walking to, standing beside, falling behind, crawling first. For us to be there wherever that may be breathing, fighting, yelling, securing, surrendering, celebrating, loving you.

Love Us Back

I wanted these words to be spoken by none that you could acknowledge that I see all that is divine in you. I wanted my love for you to be considered rare, an unknown species that we only share. It is not a love which ignites fires of lust exposing covered skin. Yet one where I whisper “all we have is right now” praying your imagination is active enough to give direction in what we should share in this now. It is not a love where I may find myself in the shelter of your arms or tongues that touch between breaths. It is a love where our minds met in the exchange of language. You prayed out loud a vision I shared without you knowing.

All rights reserved to Lorraine Kelly McCall. Copyrights (c) 2007.