Tuesday, June 30, 2009


She awoke stretched across morning
skin bare touches fuchsia
her reach summoned Hugh Masakela makin'
that choo choo sound of Stimela way in South Africa
She thought of her land, the tongue of James Baldwin
He found her girl, strong, determined and ready to fly
Mama never told her she had wings
Papa had no say when never there
James, he found her dreaming
while Coltrane meditated on Naima
and the magic of light aroused from darkness

See she awoke stretched acrossed morning
skin bare touches fuchsia
Her mental reach left her sometimes dangling
between the space of the moon
and the spell it evoked over the sea
She Ogun's daughter
Her spirit a jewel men marvel
but tire in the quise of loving minning
while Billie's heart still aches

She bare skin fuchsia touches
Stretched .... Awoke
said "Good morning, I'm glad to be here."

(Written by Lorraine McCall 6/30/09)