Saturday, July 12, 2008

He Said

He called to say that he was leaving for a destination that he must occupy alone. He said he was tired of talking about what he was going to do. He said there would be no more words to fill the space between us. He said he was throwing away his cell. He said don't worry, we will speak again when our next season comes. He said don't worry that he would be okay. He said he only called to tell me that I would not worry. He said he wasn't asking for my permission. He warned that I should not waste my time on anything less than what i truly desired for myself. He said are you going to ever leave? He said out there would be easy compared to where he was now. He said he would return being able to help.

I understanding that out there would become where he was now. Once he reached that place to find the only thing that could be different between here and there was himself. So, I said okay, I'll talk to you tomorrow.