Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ninguna Mujer NingĂșn Grito

She sat at the base of the elongated mirror. Legs wide as if preparing to birth the root of her. She told herself the story one last time to hear the weight of truth it bore. Woman lesson come fashioned not in the wisdom of a grandmother's tongue but on the back of a loud whisper stating "When people show you who they are, believe them". She had come to believe a number things. Her hand searched the darkness for the scissors. In her grip, she clearly and consciously inserted the blade into the life line that connected them. Eagerly freeing herself. What the blade could not master, her hands entered the center of the heart chakra pulled the remains from her thoracic. Left hollow she emerged into the oil scented water bathing her spiritual wound with lemon, "Ancestors help me." She returned to the warmth of the enveloping sea.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Man's Pain

I have lived my greatest dreams and worst nightmare out here in these streets almost free though almost out of here today my heart is absolutely cold and free you read the words of a stranger someone you use to know i've contacted u for my own reasons in the morning we are still enemies weather u believe it or not i want to covey a message some last words to give a glimpse to my son where i'm at where i've been though i know he will never be able to know what it means to live them it is my hope that in some strange way he will catch a glimpse of who i was. how irreparable my life has become its always the last day of summer and i'm left out in the cold with no door to get back in i've had my share of great moments life passed most people by while there making grand plans for it through out my life i've left peaces of my heart heart and there now there almost not enough to stay alive i still smile knowing that my ambition far exceeded my talent there are no more wild horses or pretty ladies at my door.

The winds of change blew a hole thru my head scattering all my dreams its all goddam mean and strange i'm going outside in cant you see i'm blind walking on stilts you tripple crossed my mind and rode into my heart. you say your looking for a saviour i'm just a begger counting change do you remember the when the world was an ocean of dreams and every ride was a wave. ill always burn in the sun while you stand in my shadow its sunrise and sunset where every taboo is holy before and after its glow.

May the wind always be at your back the sun upon your face and may the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.

A bud has burst on thee upperbounds A leppeard sang in my heart today i know where the pale green grasses grow by a tiny runnel of the way the earth is soft and wet a cucu bird whispered to me not yet not yet they are wrong what they say about me they are wrong.

By Marcus I. McCall

Thursday, December 03, 2009


"This moment won't last forever" was his statement of comfort to a woman-child who desired to be rescued by her father from her mother. Needless to say a father teaching impermanence to a woman-child who only understood separation, distance and difference was unsuccessful in providing solace. The moment didn't last forever and she continued to record the moments he left her there in this space fighting not her mother but her fear. In her difference of opinion, the separation between where she was and where she was trying to get to, the distance lead her to a vision in her mind. This fight...this fear... this fertile ground she found no numbers of people to affirm only what she knew to resonate as the courage to be individually human. There were mental constructs of places and times she was joined on the tangents she navigated. Not all prepare for death despite the fact it resides in the same place of the living. It didn't last forever but she welcomed what came. The messages, reflections, random pages of books and even he... her father in his own way advised to live dangerously with compassion because all you really have is right now.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ne Me Quitte Pas

He had already left and there were no more tears to betray her hidden emotion. There would be no more waiting or hoping. She did not cave over from the piercing that penetrated her heart. Her breath shallow near absent. She placed the phone at the base of the bed and walked out onto the endless possibilities of her life. There on the ledge of her death and birth she whispered "Ne Me Quitte Pas" as she held tight to the night. In the midst of unbareable silence she heard a soft knocking then the opening of the front door. She listened for the traveling of footsteps but detected none. She turned her back but Courage whispered "face it". She failed to move Courage whispered "face it". The wind restless touched her, gently tugged causing her to look over her right shoulder. There as if her mother gaped open breathing hard, she saw herself whole, complete and loved.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Deep Waters (hear the song)

Her love was....
always in that place where they merged
she open and vast
invasive whispers held tight to the sounds made
strumming mirrors reflect the yearning that walked in
reachning for anything and everything that space made no room
for in places defined as logic
mositure gathered to affirm the living
this place boundless
peeling back skin of moments spent
to never be more than what is
duality searching for where one ends and the other begins
submerged in liquid air.... breathing
wind waiting to be acknowledged as visible
her love was

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4 AM

Awoke alone on a bed of wavering words, the city lights blinked in the distance from her window while passing sirens spoke of the alarm just outside. They sent words using cell phones as a conduit to reach her, not tribal rhythms that evoked her spirit into dance. She wondered which of them had the courage to love her beyond the quest of touch and did their minds lurk of enough imagination to her anew.  "Love me".... " I want you" .... "Have a good night"..... She could appreciate the lyrical vulnerability that was offered but without action it sounded like the distant clanking of a wavering flag. It doesn't go unacknowledged but who concentrates on it for long. She was complicated and head strong. Old women would warn such disposition would leave her like them, old women remembering spent moments that were not as infinite as their life spans. She was not any different in her longing but her love was KING.