Saturday, January 17, 2009

Your Fear vs. Your Love

I was scared too but I never let my fear abandon you. I turned my fear into the protection I would give when you could not. I made it into a balm to offer comfort when you were wounded. I was scared too but I never let it stop me from believing in you and your potential. I faced you after I lay with that white man in order to save your life. I willed my milk to be the poison that nursed his youth. I was scared too but not enough to release my memory of you as King and commit to adore you as such. I scared too while shackled about the neck and wrist wishing my death yet living for the seeds we brought forth. After all this time, I still find you running. Did you not hear me crying? Did you not witness my tears? Did I not express my need? Am I wrong to love you? I question if I should continue to for what I have accomplished in this love than aiding you to walk away and never look back in concern about my plight alone. I scared for the generations of our babies that act out because you were missing. My sons given false Gods to measure themselves to because you were not there for them to model after. Please tell me of this love... your love that your tongue confesses but the absence of actions contradict. You suffer from the lost of courage... how unnerving to hear you stopped fighting once you were caught. My heart does not curse you. It prays for you. It prays that you shall always have the courage to never surrender.